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Xavier International College takes great pride in providing comprehensive and well-rounded hostel facilities to its students. The hostel rooms are spacious and well-maintained, offering comfortable living space for students. Each room is furnished with modern furniture, including study desks, chairs, beds, wardrobes, and bookshelves, ensuring that students have everything they need to study and relax.
The hostel mess provides nutritious and delicious meals to students. The menu is diverse, catering to different dietary preferences and requirements. The college ensures that the food is prepared under strict hygiene standards, prioritizing the students' health and well-being.
The hostel provides laundry services that are managed by a trusted vendor who handles the laundry services on behalf of the hostel. Students can easily drop off their laundry at designated locations within the hostel on designated days, and the vendor takes care of washing and drying the clothes. This service relieves students from the burden of doing laundry themselves, allowing them to prioritize their studies and engage in other activities without worrying about their laundry needs.
The hostel provides well-maintained sports facilities, including a sports ground, basketball court, and indoor games room. These facilities encourage students to engage in physical activities, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. They also foster a sense of camaraderie and teamwork among the residents.
The college provides transportation facilities for students between the hostel and the college campus. Buses and vans operate on designated timings, ensuring that students can conveniently commute to and from their classes without any transportation-related concerns.
The hostel includes common areas and recreational spaces where students can relax and socialize. These areas are designed to provide a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, allowing students to engage in activities such as reading, group discussions, or simply enjoying conversations with their peers.
A dedicated hostel warden is appointed to oversee the well-being and safety of the hostel residents. The warden ensures discipline, monitors the hostel premises, and addresses any concerns or issues that students may have. Their presence provides a sense of security and support to the students, creating a conducive living environment.
The hostel offers additional classes conducted by experienced faculty members or qualified tutors. These classes provide academic support and guidance to students, focusing on specific subjects or helping them with challenging topics. The availability of extra classes within the hostel premises allows students to seek academic assistance in a familiar and convenient environment.

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